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Our massage services bundled for your convience.

Alvin's Favorite

A classic relaxation massage and a polished foot scrub to refresh and renew tired feet.

Duration: 90 minute service
Price: $135

Lesia's Favorite

A classic relaxation massage and a soothing facial.

Duration: 90 minute service
Price: $145

The Head-To-Toe

Because a stress-free body is a healthier body, this head-to-toe package includes a soothing scalp treatment, a deeply relaxing massage and a foot scrub to take the healing down to your toes.

Duration: 90 minute service
Price: $145

The Heron Signature Works

Start with a back scrub and continue into a classic relaxation massage.  Then enjoy a mini facial.  You’ll leave refreshed and glowing.

Duration: 2 hour service
Price: $190

Massage Therapy

Classic Relaxation

This massage is based on the Swedish technique of using long, continuous, smooth strokes to promote circulation and relaxation.

60 min – $85
75 min – $105
90 min – $125
120 min – $165

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Therapeutic massage focuses on the muscles located deeper in the body. Deep Tissue is recommended for chronic pain, limited mobility, and muscle tension.

60 min – $105
75 min – $130
90 min – $155
120 min – $205

Honey, Could You Rub My Back?

Learn to massage each other! This is a fun, fun experience! Highly recommended for couples who enjoy giving to each other. Learn and experience relaxing techniques, intent, and reconnection. Please request this service at time of booking. 

2 Hour Service – $165

CBD Oil Massage

CBD interacts with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to help reduce inflammation, ease chronic pain, improve skin health, alleviate anxiety and stress.

60 min – $105
75 min – $130
90 min – $155
120 min – $205

Massage Add-Ons

Hand Scrub

Your hands work hard; renew them with this “facial” for sun-damaged, overworked, or dry hands. May be added to any facial or massage.

Price: $20

Scalp Treatment

From Paris, a delicious blend of orange essential oils and tea tree oil are massaged into your scalp to balance oil production. Excellent for dry, itchy scalp, flaking or psoriasis. Add to any facial or massage.

Price: $20

Foot Scrub

Begin with an exfoliating scrub to cleanse and renew tired feet. They’ll enjoy a soothing massage with the moisturizer of your choice to leave them feeling their finest.

Price: $20

Back Scrub

Incorporate this exfoliating back scrub into your massage to cleanse and renew this difficult to reach area.

Price: $30

CBD oil

Incorporate this natural remedy praised for it’s anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties.

Price: $20